Bitcoin plunges further below $4,000 as slump worsens

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Either way, Bitcoin and crypto has fallen this fast and this heavy before, in several instances over the past decade BTC has lost over 80% in less than a year. His comments came in response to a question about what is required, or what needs to happen, before institutional investors make considerably more investments in digital currencies. The ongoing crash in the crypto market has been attributed to a number of factors and events.

After weeks of stability and very little volatility, Bitcoin has been on a free fall in the past two weeks.

While the original Bitcoin Cash was at the center of a naming controversy when it split from Bitcoin Core in August 2017, with BCH figurehead Roger Ver claiming the coin to be the true iteration of Bitcoin, the subsequent hard fork on November 15th has been far more contentious.

Mati Greenspan, a crypto analyst at eToro, has now told he was looking at bitcoin's next testing level in the £2,339.73 to £2,729.68 ($3,000 to £3,500) range.

The likes of Bitcoin are not exempt from this either, with Bitcoin falling to levels that haven't been seen since early 2017's trading. Failing to break 9400 SAT would be likely to send Ripple to lower support areas: The 100 days moving average line around 8,800 SAT, 8,500 SAT and a strong support level at 8,000 Saturday.

Bitcoin slid another 4.5 per cent to US$3,635 at midnight Sunday in NY, according to Bitstamp. The value of Bitcoin (BTC) is now down by more than 30 percent over the past seven days. The entire cryptocurrency market capitalization has lost a significant amount of value, shedding $60 billion since last week. Top digital assets like BCH, BTC and ETH indicate there is pretty solid support at the current vantage point on the weekly's EMA200 and a bearish-to-bullish trend reversal could take place in a matter of days. However, when valued against the U.S dollar, nearly all coins in the market are bearing losses. The top digital asset markets show deep losses for almost every single cryptocurrency besides stablecoins. It is accompanied by Stellar Lumens, Cardano (ADA), and Monero [XMR].

Five days from the 24th is the 29th, which is on Thursday. "There is already a huge amount of capital tied up in cryptocurrencies, in excess of $100 billion, so why allow it to continue being a rogue market?" Cryptocurrency mining is a market unto itself, with miners around the world competing to build the most computationally efficient setups and rigs, while keeping electricity, hardware and regulatory constraints in mind.