Voters can still apply for absentee ballots at clerk's office today

Voters can still apply for absentee ballots at clerk's office today

The high number of contests in the November 6 election means San Diego County voters will be getting a two-card ballot, with races listed on the front and back of each card. Strong turnout, combined with population growth and increased voter registration, has resulted in significantly more votes being cast than in prior midterm elections.

More than 1.48 million people have voted early, and more than 1.9 million people have voted by mail.

Duplin County has one early voting site: the Board of Elections at 160 Mallard Street in Kenansville. On Election Day, the drop-off hours will be from 7 8 p.m.

Locations to vote in Wylie are First Baptist Church, 100 N. First Street; Smith Library, 300 Country Club Road; and Southfork Mobile Home Park, 216 Southfork Blvd.

Mail ballot voters can swing by any one of 59 libraries across the county.

Every county tracks vote-by-mail ballots. Libertarian, minor party and unaffiliated voters accounted for just over 12 percent of votes.

No. 2: Take the filled out mail-in ballot to your local elections office between now and Election Day.

The highest turnout by percentage in a modern midterm was in 1994, when 66 percent voted, the Times reported, noting that it was also the last time Democrats won a governor's race, as Lawton Chiles defeated Jeb Bush. The hotline is run by a nonpartisan coalition of more than 100 organizations, led by the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law. It could also be that the dividing lines are so strong, that partisans on both sides are already locking in their votes leaving the Election Day voting for the undecideds to break the tie in all these close races.

Check on the Texas Secretary of State's website. Voters who come to the polls without a photo ID will be allowed to cast a provisional ballot if the voter signs a sworn affidavit or returns to the election office by noon the following Monday with his or her ID.

Want to check to see that your ballot has been received by your county election official? There are now 30,524 active registered voters in the city and 78,253 in the county.

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