Breast cancer survivor works to let others know of hereditary risk

Breast cancer survivor works to let others know of hereditary risk

ASA Savings and Loans Limited has organised free breast cancer screening for its clients in the Sukura "1" Business Centre in Accra.

"I sort of had an inkling that would be the news, but it still doesn't prepare you", she said.

One in eight women in the United States are diagnosed with breast cancer. They also recommend that all women to have a risk assessment at the age of 30 to see if screening earlier than the age of 40 is needed. "He told me to take my breasts off, so take my breasts off", Sanders said. "We all have a choice to help raise awareness and work towards a cure", said Julia Sundstrom, community manager at the Factory.

"I knew I was going to make it, that I was going to get better", she said.

To the relief of the entire Lambert family, Trish is now in remission, but the path leading to her remission was a long and grueling one. When it didn't go away in a few weeks, she went for a checkup that led to a biopsy-lumpectomy. Even so, she is overjoyed to be in remission and doesn't mind the daily medication prescription at all. Now, Elaine plans to marry her fiance Rick and spend time with her sons when they come home from college.

"Here at the hospital", said Natasha Hartman, supervisor for mammography at Martha's Vineyard Hospital, "awareness month is every month; we're glad that there's more attention brought to it this month".

The Lambert family is aware that they are among the lucky ones - not everyone reaches remission. Victoria Sanders hasn't been diagnosed with breast cancer, but she's taking precautions by having a double mastectomy. "The issue is there can be a big delay" in starting treatment of a patient with a very aggressive type of breast cancer, she adds. "And they actually have a higher mortality rate because it's usually not detected early, because men just assume they don't have [breast cancer]".

"Previously, the World Health Organization guidelines have described the types of cancer cells within tumors without telling pathologists specifically what and how much to record", said McCart Reed, whose team's study was reported in The Journal of Pathology medical publication.

Prestay said she really wants to raise awareness and shed light on the genetic aspect of cancer.

Wednesday evening dozens in pink met at Columbus City Hall to support those battling breast cancer and survivors.

The charity helps towards funding research across the United Kingdom to help find a cure for breast cancer at all stages.

"I think identifying whether you are a high-risk breast cancer patient is important", she says, and suggests close monitoring by medical professionals if you are.

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