Man cites ‘Trump Defense’ after being accused of groping woman on flight

Man cites ‘Trump Defense’ after being accused of groping woman on flight

Moments after asking Federal Bureau of Investigation agents about the charges and what his sentencing could be, he remarked that "the president of the United States says it's okay to grab women by their private parts".

According to the FBI, Bruce Michael Alexander, 49, groped a female passenger at least two times during a Sunday flight from Houston to Albuquerque.

The woman says in the complaint that she fell asleep after boarding but woke from being touched "on her right side at and around her "bra line".

The woman assumed the first instance of touching was accidental, but she felt that when the stranger's hand made contact with her body a second time about 30 minutes later, it was done slowly and 'attentively, ' suggesting that it was deliberate. She asked him why he thought it was all right to touch her like that, and asked a flight attendant to help her change seats.

When Alexander was questioned by authorities, he said he could not recall touching the woman.

A Tampa man accused of groping a woman during an airline flight said "the President of the United States says its okay to grab women by their private parts", according to a criminal complaint.

He was apparently referencing a 2005 video in which Trump can be heard saying: "And when you're a star, they let you do it".

When Alexander was later arrested on a federal charge of abusive sexual contact, he referenced President Trump's infamous "grab them by the p-y" quote in the back of a police vehicle.

"On Sunday, airline supervisors and local law enforcement officers met flight 5421 upon its arrival in Albuquerque from Houston after allegations of inappropriate behavior by a passenger inflight". The woman described in details what the suspect's hands looked like.

Authorities said several of Alexander's fingers had "dark buildup underneath the nail and appeared dirty".

Just last week, a Texas man flying from Los Angeles to Dallas allegedly did not stop touching the woman seated next to him and attempted to engage her in an unwanted game of "footsies", according to a criminal complaint.

He remains in custody, with his preliminary hearing scheduled for today.

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