Australian government suffers major defeat in Wentworth by-election

Australian government suffers major defeat in Wentworth by-election

Independent Kerryn Phelps will beat the Liberal Party's Dave Sharma in today's Wentworth by-election, with ABC election analyst Antony Green declaring that Phelps could clock a swing as high as 30 points. Preferences from Labor, the Greens and independent Licia Heath are likely to flow overwhelmingly to Phelps.

Dr Phelps claimed victory on Saturday night when she achieved an unprecedented swing of more than 20 per cent against the Liberal Party in the eastern Sydney seat. Mr. Morrison said the idea was suggested to him by Liberal candidate Mr. Sharma, a former Australian ambassador to Israel.

Turnbull supporters within the Liberal Party and the media have responded by declaring that the by-election result demonstrates that the installation of Morrison was a mistake.

"They certainly have some strong views and they've shown them tonight", the ABC report she said.

"We will work constructively with all of those who sit on the cross bench as we always have", he said.

Despite having previously guaranteed confidence and supply to the Government if elected, Dr Phelps yesterday did not rule out supporting a no-confidence motion.

"I know this is a tough day, but leadership requires you to turn up on the tough days and the good days, and that's what you will always get from me", Morrison said as Dave Sharma conceded defeat.

"I think what we've got to get used to is we're going to get more and more minority governments with coalitions working together", Roggeveen said.

But by Sunday evening, his candidate trailed an independent rival by 1,600 votes with several thousand votes still to be counted, the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) said.

It was not clear what would become of that plan following the election's results, but with Morrison now effectively a lame duck prime minister, its prospects appeared diminished.

She said on Sunday: "The government and all governments should go full term unless there are exceptional circumstances, and the next election is due in May next year and that's time enough".

In fact, they were created to demonstrate that the Morrison government is unequivocally committed to every US-led war and military provocation, including its backing for Israel's persecution of the Palestinians and its moves towards a regime-change against Iran. Rather, it was an attempt by the most right-wing section of the Liberals, including former prime minister Tony Abbott and Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton, to install a government even more committed to the USA alliance and to attacking the social and democratic rights of ordinary people.

Burke sent a signal that Labor would not rush to move a motion of no-confidence in the government, with federal parliament set to resume for a week-long session on Monday.

On Sunday, Phelps managed to extend her lead to about 1600 votes. "Everyone has the right now to walk into the Prime Minister's office and demand this and demand this for their seat as a blood price", she said. "I'm not sure we have an understanding of what is the vision of the Prime Minister and his team", she said, pointing to the chaos of last week. "I don't buy that argument".

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