Bill Belichick all smiles after Red Sox clinch World Series berth

Bill Belichick all smiles after Red Sox clinch World Series berth

With the Astros trailing the Red Sox by two runs in the bottom of the first inning, Jose Altuve hit a ball that wound up over the wall in right field, tying the game. Bregman's misfortune captures one big reason why Houston's season is over. The lefty launched a shot towards the right field fence. That trend continued in game five. October has proven, whether he is producing at the plate or in the outfield, Benintendi is a game-changing weapon for the Red Sox.

But after that first game, something insane happened.

In Games 2 through 4, the Astros pitching staff, which this season posted the lowest ERA (3.11) of any AL team since the introduction of the designated hitter, gave up 23 runs - more than in any other three-game stretch all season.

Three innings later and Boston went deep on Verlander again. He got a standing ovation when he walked off the field in Fenway Park in game two. In four save situations, two against NY and two against Houston, Kimbrel allowed runs in each of them.

The Astros won Game 1, before the Red Sox took over, winning one game in Boston before taking all three games in Houston to reach the World Series for the first time since 2013. Better safe than sorry, we guess. The system is widely respected for its accuracy and takes the call out of the hands of officials.

"I saw the ball coming at us and I thought, 'I don't have a glove".

All of the game's scoring came off home runs, with J.D. Martinez opening the scoring with a home run in the third, followed by Rafael Devers three-run homer in the sixth inning. Technology is clearly superior to human eyes and this was more proof.

Kimbrel's wings - Closer Craig Kimbrel cuts a distinctive pose on the mound before he fires a pitch, spreading his arms to the side and raising his elbows, giving him the look of a bearded condor poised to take flight. He was being goaded into tossing it back.

So Xavier let it be known that he wanted get off dad's lap. So, props to the young man for holding onto that souvenir.

Despite leading the majors in wins during the regular season, the Red Sox were underdogs against an Astros team that defeated the Dodgers in last year's World Series and romped past the Indians in the Division Series.

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