Mexico to Ask UN for Help with Central American Refugees

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On Wednesday, the president also threatened to cut USA aid to the Northern Triangle countries - Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador - saying "all payments made to them will STOP (END)!".

Trump zeroed in on Mexico's role Thursday, tweeting that he cared more about the caravan than the recently renegotiated North American trade deal between Mexico and Canada.

President Donald Trump threatened on Thursday to deploy the military and close the southern United States border if Mexico does not halt a caravan of Central America migrants heading north, raising the risk of huge disruptions to trade.

".The assault on our country at our Southern Border, including the Criminal elements and DRUGS pouring in, is far more important to me, as President, than Trade or the USMCA".

The caravan successfully used the same strategy on Monday to cross from Honduras to Guatemala at the border town of Agua Caliente, despite efforts by some 100 police to stop them.

A caravan of 3,000 migrants is moving north through Central America and toward the US southern border - on a collision course with the midterm elections, as yet another factor that could sway voters.

Barely a week goes by without him warning about the danger posed by ultra-violent Central American gangs like MS-13, while chants of "build the wall" are a staple of his pre-midterms campaign rallies.

Trump did not detail his military threat.

Pompeo is headed to meetings inMexico City with a message for leaders there about the massive caravan of migrants: Stop them before they reach the USA border.

President George W. Bush deployed the National Guard to assist in border security operations in 2006 and President Barack Obama did the same in 2010.

The Mexican ambassador to the U.S., Geronimo Gutierrez, said Mexico has asked the United Nations to help Mexico review asylum claims from members of the caravan.

"Mexico's policy consists in respecting and protecting human rights" of migrants, Mexican Interior Minister Alfonso Navarrete said earlier this week.

The response came as Mexico's ambassador to Guatemala met with the migrants in Guatemala City on October 17, telling them that there is no such thing as a transit visa for those wishing to cross Mexico to reach the United States. Instead, each person would need to apply for refugee status individually or show a valid passport and visa.

The caravan itself has become a complex political symbol that some observers say is yet another ploy by rival Democrats and a hostile news media to portray the president in a negative light as the midterm elections approach.

The group has been dubbed the "march of the migrants". Images of the migrants have prompted questions about whether the United States and Mexico will be able to strike a deal before the migrants reach the US' southern border.

The migrants have agreed that they will begin their journey to the border crossing between Guatemala and Mexico around 11 a.m. local time.

Pompeo is now expected to travel to Mexico to meet with President Enrique Pena Nieto, where the two will reportedly discuss potential solutions to the migrant crisis, narcotics and terrorism.

But in Mexico, where protesters alreadyhave been marching in support of the approaching Honduran migrants, caving to USA pressure wouldn't play almost as well.

"How they're going to cross is what we're anxious about", he said.

Many immigrants said they joined the caravan after seeing it covered by Honduran news outlets last week.

He has urged the Republicans to make immigration a central issue of important Congressional elections which take place in the United States next month.

"In other words before they make the trek across Mexico?"