Soros behind anti-Kavanaugh protests

Soros behind anti-Kavanaugh protests

He also claimed the signs, which look professionally made, were identical - therefore paid by Soros. "Paid for by Soros and others", President Donald Trump said of the anti-Kavanaugh protests in Washington D.C.

Activists, including female survivors of sexual assault, have in recent days been confronting senators as they enter elevators in the US Capitol and in Senate office buildings.

"#Troublemakers", Trump wrote in a tweet, referencing unsubstantiated claims that Democratic donor George Soros is involved.

The two women, who said they are sexual assault survivors, stopped Flake on his way to Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court nomination hearing on September 28.

The Senate on Friday narrowly approved moving to a final vote on President Donald Trump's embattled Supreme Court amid continuing controversy over sexual abuse allegations against him.

Republican senators have been confronted by protesters to oppose Kavanaugh's confirmation.

Archila could not be reached for further comment this week as she was back on Capitol Hill protesting the Kavanaugh nomination.

Kavanaugh vehemently denied the charges as well as subsequent allegations of sexually inappropriate behavior that followed. Susan Collins (Maine), and Lisa Murkowski (Alaska), three key votes who could make or break the confirmation of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. But Hatch was dismissive, telling a group of women survivors to "grow up" in a testy exchange Thursday near an elevator in the Capitol complex.

"How do you know how I'm going to vote?" the senator responded after criticism from a protester. Moments later, Flake, much to the delight of his Democrat colleagues, called for a week's delay in Kavanaugh's vote to allow the FBI to investigate the allegations against him. Senator Steve Daines of Montana announced Thursday night that he has a scheduling conflict: his daughter is getting married Saturday in the western state and he plans to attend. On "Fox and Friends" Friday, Republican Sen.

The president's description of the protesters as "elevator screamers" seemed to be a reference to two women who confronted Republican Sen.

"When I was talking to Flake in that moment, I was a woman", Archila said.

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