Viral Facebook Hoax Messages Prompts Warning From Officials

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No, your Facebook account is not being cloned, despite that viral message that keeps popping up in your inbox.

Then it says to check your account and instructs you to forward the message to all your friends. It also recommends forwarding the message to everyone you know and provides instructions on how to do so.

The messages begin with "Hi...."

I saw it for the first time late last week: an acquaintance from college posted something about how she had received a message about a friend receiving a friend request from her from a bogus account that the friend in question supposedly ignored, but she should "check her account". The hoax works by suggesting an account has been cloned, even when it hasn't, prompting anxious users to spread the message to all their friends.

"However, at risk of stating the obvious, sending a second friend request warning is only helpful if you have received a second friend request from someone". I had to do the people individually. This message is a hoax that is being spread around. "Please forward to all your contacts", the message reads.

On Sept. 25, Facebook's engineering team discovered a security issue affecting nearly 50 million accounts where hackers were able to exploit a vulnerability in Facebook's code that allowed them to take over people's accounts. Please DO NOT accept a 2nd friend request from "me".

Facebook officials told WYSR-TV that they have not seen an unusual uptick in cloned accounts and that people are likely sharing the message out of fear.

If you're still wondering if your profile was actually cloned, one way to check is to search your name on Facebook and see if more than one account with your photo shows up.

The best way is to delete such messages and move on, said the report. Then, they send a bunch of friend requests to the original account's friend list, to try to scam the person's unsuspecting friends into granting access to their personal information by accepting the request.