Windows 10 app mirroring brings your Android apps to your desktop

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To complement its hardware event today, Microsoft has announced the immediate availability of the Windows 10 October 2018 Update.

The tech giant, Microsoft is now rolling out the new app for all Windows 10 users with the new Windows 10 October update.

As mentioned in previous news articles about the Windows 10 October Update the biggest new features are to do with bringing your smartphone and PC experiences closer together.

While we've yet to hear more specifics, Microsoft kicked off its keynote by emphasizing that it wants its software to help users get more organized, allow them to stay more present in their real lives, and enjoy more seamless connectivity between their Android and iOS devices and PCs. You'll get Glance, News, and Timeline, with the Glance tab acting as a cleaned up version of the old Microsoft Launcher interface, the News tab as a cleaned up, customizable news feed, and Timeline working to keep your aforementioned Windows 10 stuff in sync with your phone.

The latest Windows 10 version is also compatible with Nvidia's latest "Ray Tracing" technology that's said to make lighting more realistic for video games.

Now if you'll excuse me, I've going to spend the next couple of hours starting at lots of little dots going round in circles.

Laptop OEM's are not really known for even current system's graphics driver support even for any OEM Laptops that shipped with windows 10 factory installed. To do this click in the search box in the taskbar, type "Check for updates", and once in the control panel click the "Check for updates" option. Once the update finishes installing, you can go back to this Settings page and leave the Insider Preview if you so desire.

Other changes include faster sign-in features, a new web sign-in, the addition of SwiftKey in the touch keyboard, and more. That will perform a hard pull and start the download/installation process for you. So you should be fine if this is the case, and no warning message should pop up. Microsoft promises that at least some more features for iPhone users are on the way.

Microsoft bought ace to-do app Wunderlist in 2015 and, as is the way with these things, it was then turned into a not-as-good version when Microsoft To-do was launched.

File Explorer finally joins the fun when you put Windows 10 in "dark mode " Windows 10 can now tell you how much battery is left on your Bluetooth deices.