Theresa May Throws Shapes To 'Dancing Queen' At Tory Conference

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While making her way on to the stage at the Tory Party Conference, "Dancing Queen" by ABBA played in the background and May attempted some moves that people have been calling "The Maybot".

The routine a self-deprecatory reference to her recent trip to Africa, where the Prime Minister was mocked online for her awkward dancing skills.

Naturally, within the blink of an eye, the internet had jumped onto Twitter to share their disbelief.

While the jokes began nearly instantly, video producer Luke Benson went one better, creating the video mash-up (above) - with a little creative intervention thrown in - to turn May's dancing figure into a puppet being controlled by pulling strings. "What might have seemed amusing after a couple of cocktails is ridiculous and inappropriate in the harsh light of reality".

The watching audience in the conference hall in Birmingham were left howling with laughter at her moves.

But what has undoubtedly gathered the most attention of late is her dance moves. Just last month she offered up some dancing advice to the Strictly Come Dancing lot, tweeting: "Get in touch if you need any tips".