Did Meghan Markle’s Half-Sister Just Apologize To Her On TV?

Did Meghan Markle’s Half-Sister Just Apologize To Her On TV?

While it's unclear whether Samantha is being honest, or simply looking for more time in the spotlight, we'll keep you posted if Duchess Meghan gives any response to the interview.

The Duchess of Sussex's half sister Samantha Markle has apologised to Meghan live on television, saying: "I wish things could be different".

"I would just say that there is so much water under the bridge and so much has spun out of control that was never meant to", Samantha, 53, said on the "Jeremy Vine" show on Monday. When they failed we went public.The goal at that point wasn't just getting closer.

"Samantha Markle is coming to the UK", Cooper Tweeted last week.

Samantha continued, "The public were making a mockery of the family and it had to stop".

"She would be well advised to pull up the drawbridge on the royal castles wouldn't she Samantha and not see you?"

Just this morning, Samantha took to Twitter to slam "journalists" and "tabloids" who she believes have painted her father in a bad light. "I don't care whether she is p***** off at me or not". This is clearly yet another publicity stunt and there is a higher likelihood of hell freezing over than there is of Meghan sitting down with her for a chat'.

Samantha's now in London - a place she's "always wanted to see" - but thinks it's unlikely that Meghan will speak to her in person.

Regardless, Samantha said, "I'm hoping that we can have a happy ending to the story".

"But I wonder how you would feel, is it more insulting that people respond to feeling disregarded and feeling ignored or is it best that everyone continue saying nothing?" "But I don't think that's going to happen".

Despite everything, Samantha seemed pleased that Meghan has "found her prince".

"I guarantee that 99% of you if you could meet my dad he would love him and want to give them a big hug he is a sweetheart and might be a little bit shy but he has a huge heart so it is very wrong to misinterpret him", she tweeted.

In the new film, she makes several notable admissions, like the fact that she secretly had a piece of the dress worn on her first date with Prince Harry sewn into her wedding gown and that she surprised her husband with the veil containing wild flowers representing all 53 countries of the Commonwealth.

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