Stunning space photos show 'nightmare' Hurricane Florence swirling over the Atlantic ZlotoNews

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"Get prepared on the East Coast, this is a no-kidding nightmare coming for you", said ESA's astronaut Alexander Gerst on Twitter.

A high-definition camera outside the International Space Station captured video Tuesday. "It's chilling, even from space", said Alexander Gerst, an astronaut with the European Space Agency who now lives on ISS, on Twitter.

Worldwide space station NASA has revealed the extent of the hurricane "Florence", which is close to the coast of the United States.

This image provided by NASA shows Hurricane Florence from the International Space Station on Wednesday, Sept. 12, 2018.

Hurricane Florence is "so enormous", says the tweet, that despite being in space, the astronauts could only capture the storm with a super-wide angle lens.

Gerst went on to add that seeing the hurricane is chilling, even from space, and shared an additional of three pictures that speak for themselves.

Florence is now a powerful Category 3 storm with winds of 125mph, and is expected to strengthen before making landfall along the Carolina coast later this week.

Another photo (embedded below) was snapped on September 10 by astronaut Ricky Arnold while aboard the International Space Station. The space agency described the footage as "a stark and sobering" view of the storm, as it moved with wind speeds of 130 miles per hour.

Following Hurricane Florence are two more powerful storms crossing the Atlantic, namely Tropical Storm Isaac and Hurricane Helene.