American Voters Favor Dems by 14 Points

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The lowest was noted in the Gallup poll, with an approval rating of 41 percent, a drop of just one point from its previous poll. The new Quinnipiac University survey has the president's approval at 38 percent favorable, 54 percent unfavorable.

White voters favor Republicans by 48 - 45 percent.

A new poll says that only 51 percent of voters think the president is intelligent.

The dwindling number of voters who have faith in the president's mental acuity runs parallel to claims made in several books about the Trump White House, most recently Fear by veteran reporter Bob Woodward and Unhinged by former White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman. Trump approval saw an even bigger slump in CNN/SRSS's poll, hitting 36 percent, from 42 percent in August. The increase comes nearly entirely among independents - 47% now say the President ought to be impeached, up from 38% in June - who have also soured on Trump's job performance generally.

In addition, the poll showed that voters disapprove by 72-18 percent of the job Congress is doing, and 58-27 percent said Congress should serve as more of a check on President Donald Trump.

The CNN poll released on Monday showed that only 32 percent of respondents believed that Trump was "honest and trustworthy".

Tim Malloy, assistant director of the poll, said in a statement that the salacious details of the in-house rumbling in the Oval Office make for good reads, but Americans don't like the notion that an anonymous person is going behind the president's back. The poll finds that 50 percent of voters would cast their ballot for a Democrat, while only 38 percent would vote for a GOP candidate in their district.

Trump's overall popularity breaks down along lines of partisanship, ethnicity and gender, according to the poll.

His approval within his party was at 84 percent with Republicans in the Quinnipiac poll and at 82 percent in the group in the CNN poll.