U.S. airline worker steals plane, takes it for flight before crashing it

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Sheriff's department spokesman Ed Troyer also confirmed that two U.S. Air Force F-15s intercepted the plane within minutes of its departure from Sea-Tac, but they were not involved in its crash near Ketron Island.

The Pierce County Sheriff's Department said the crash was not a terrorist incident, and the man who piloted the Alaska Airlines plane was a 29-year-old "suicidal male" who lived in Pierce County. It may seem hard for those watching at home to believe, but Beebo was a warm, compassionate man. Performing barrel roles and flips before a fatal crash on the Ketron Island.

A passenger plane from Alaska Airlines was stolen from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport on Friday at around 8 PM. It crashed on the south of Ketron Island, near a military facility.

Officials quickly said the incident was not related to terrorism.

Video showed the Horizon Air Q400 doing large loops and other unsafe manoeuvres as the sun set on Puget Sound. There were no passengers aboard. The employee was a "ground service agent", according to Alaska Airlines.

"There were some maneuvers that were done that were incredible maneuvers with the aircraft", Gary Beck, CEO of Horizon Air, said of the flight that ended with a crash onto a small island.

Pierce County Sheriff Paul Pastor called it a "joyride gone terribly wrong". Preliminary information had suggested it was stolen by a mechanic.

Horizon Air Chief Operating Officer Constance von Muehlen said the company believes the man who stole the plane was a Horizon employee. The Q400 ix a turboprop aircraft with 76 seats.

The man was a resident of Pierce County, Wash., and "acted alone", the Pierce County Sheriff's Department tweeted.

The air-traffic controller responded calmly, seeming not to want to upset Rich as the conversation continued and he tried to coax Rich into landing somewhere.

He said he thought it was some military drills from the nearby Joint Base Lewis-McChord.

"Oh man", Russell says, "Those guys will rough me up if I try and land there".

"I got a lot of people that care about me", he said on the recording.

At one point, he said: "Hey do you think if I land this successfully Alaska will give me a job as a pilot?"

"Got a few screws loose, I guess", Russell is heard saying in the recording. Trump is now at his New Jersey golf club, and Sanders commended the response effort for its "swift action" and public safety protection.

The sparsely populated island remained close to ferry traffic Saturday morning.

Horizon is owned by Alaska Air Group, Inc., which also owns Alaska Airlines. "They're not as easy to fly as, say, a Cessna 150, so I don't know how he achieved the experience that he did".

"The greatest threat we have to aviation is the insider threat", Erroll Southers, a former Federal Bureau of Investigation agent and transportation security expert said.

"Rich" said in a matter-of-fact way that he fuelled the airplane "to go check out the Olympics", according to audio posted by The Seattle Times newspaper. "The smoke lingered. You could still hear the F-15s, which were flying low". Two F-15 jets were scrambled in response to the stolen plane from the Oregon Air National Guard in Portland, Oregon.