Most freakish player unveiling ever (Santi Cazorla)

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Santi Cazorla has often been described as a magician with a ball at his feet, so it was only right that an actual magician did the unveiling upon his return to Villarreal.

The 33-year-old has been given a final stab at getting his career back on track after a series of injuries.

Fans packed out a stand in the Estadio de la Ceramica to watch magician Yunke produce Cazorla seemingly out of thin air.

Santi Cazorla unveiled at Villarreal
SCREENGRAB STUNT Yunke the Magician right performed the unveiling

That cylinder is the filled with smoke for about a minute before the smoke is then let out of the top of the glass case, revealing a posing and delighted Santi Cazorla.

And Villarreal marked the return of the 33-year-old in unusual fashion by using a magic trick to present him to thousands of the club's fans. This particular post has over 20,000 likes, with fans struggling to comprehend what they had just seen.

Cazorla, meanwhile, had been training with Villarreal following his release from Arsenal.

The Spaniard spent seven years at Villarreal across two spells, eventually leaving in 2011 for Malaga.

And to mark his return to the club, Villarreal celebrated his signing with a quite freaky unveiling.

"It's been a very special day, returning home", he added.

"Now it's time to give everything for this shirt and this club". "I'm grateful to Villarreal, not just for how they opened the doors to me when I was 18, but for their unconditional support through hard moments and for re-opening the doors to me [now]".