Kanye West: I wasn't stumped by Kimmel's Trump question

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"I wasn't stumped. I wasn't given a chance to answer the question", West wrote Saturday afternoon.

West said that he and Kimmel were having "a great time" with their dialogue before the question about Trump came up.

West was notably silent on the show when he was asked why he thinks the president cares about black people.

The normally chatty rapper seemed lost for words when TV host Jimmy Kimmel asked him whether he thought Mr Trump cared about black people, "or any people at all".

Hinting that he's possibly too much of a fan of their nude Instagrams, he said: "Damn, those is your sisters / You did something unholy to them pictures" and "If she suck seed, that's a success / If a girl cum, that's a fuck fest".

West took to Twitter on Saturday, though, to say that he wasn't stumped, he "wasn't given a chance to answer the question". "Let me clarify the click bait", he tweeted.

He added that the question had been so important he'd needed time to gather his answer.

Kanye West has a lot of newfound love and respect for Jimmy Kimmel, but clickbait media is still on the hit list. When I see people even, like, go at the president, it's like. why not try love? According to the letter - obtained by TMZ - Kanye will have full artistic control.

West has been a vocal supporter of President Trump and has been a recipient of backlash because of it. "That interview showed strong personalities with different opinions having a civil conversation".

The song boasts a set of wildly off colour remarks, including: "You got sick thoughts?"

The father-of-three went on to address his now infamous TMZ Live interview from May in which he said slavery "sounds like a choice".

Kanye said: 'What's the point of being Kanye West if you can't let's break down the porn categories.