Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth Walk Away From 'Star Trek 4' Talks

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However, it appears Paramount is now going back on those apparent deals in order to try to reel in the budget, as the Star Trek franchise doesn't perform almost as well as either actors' retrospective DC or Marvel projects. Pine, of course, plays Captain James T. Kirk, while Hemsworth plays Kirk's father and was heavily rumored to have a much bigger role in the upcoming sequel. That's right, both of the A-listers have dropped out of the movie, with the outlet stating that negotiations have broken down, resulting in Hemsworth and Pine walking away from Star Trek 4.

The potential exits of not one but TWO Captain Kirks has thrown Star Trek 4's pre-production into a temporal flux. And Chris Hemsworth has been confirmed to return as Kirk's dad George Samuel Kirk, Sr., since even before Star Trek Beyond came out in 2016.

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Right now, deals with all other returning cast members, including Hemsworth's fellow Marvel co-star Zoe Saldana, along with Simon Pegg, John Cho, Karl Urban and Zachary Quinto, are expected to close. The outlet claims that talks ultimately broke down due to money as Pine and Hemsworth wanted the studios to stick to their existing deals for the project. Pine though has been the leading man of the Star Trek films since 2009's Star Trek.

J.J. Abrams' original 2009 Star Trek film brought in $386 million, while 2013's Star Trek Into Darkness clocked in at $467 million, and 2016's Star Trek Beyond made $343 million, a substantial decline that may have the studio a little gun-shy on expenditures. The Marvel, DC and Star Wars movies all regularly pull in north of $700 million if they don't reach $1 billion worldwide.

Tarantino is a long-time Trek fan - don't forget the opening screen for "Kill Bill" told of the old Klingon proverb that says revenge is a dish best served cold - and in an interview with Nerdist he said that he considers the "Star Trek: The Next Generation" episode "Yesterday's Enterprise" one of the best "Star Trek" episodes ever written.

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