Trump cabinet officials to inspect California fire damage

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Since it erupted Monday afternoon, the blaze has destroyed a dozen cabins in the Holy Jim Canyon area of the Cleveland National Forest and advanced into Riverside County.

But as the fire crews were attempting to control the blaze from reaching homes on top of the hill, the camera pans left and the flames can be seen rising over the hilltop, which appears to be dangerously close to the house.

Hundreds more firefighters joined the battle, bringing the total to 1,200. It has chewed through 28 square miles (72 square kilometers) of dense chaparral and was only 5 percent contained.

The state's largest wildfire in history has drawn a contingent to battle what is actually two fires burning so closely together that they're being attacked as one. There, too, he urged officials to focus more attention on dead tree and brush removal to keep fires from spreading amidst the dry and hot conditions.

Institute. Those areas had previously been under voluntary evacuation orders.

She's urging anyone who stayed behind to evacuate.

"It is nerve-wracking and unreal", she said. "Man, you know, we (are) just trying to get the job done".

Although it's not the largest fire burning in the state, there are growing concerns about how it could affect residential communities, including Lake Elsinore.

Spectacular footage captured at the scene of a California wildfire has laid bare the scale of the Holy fire disaster as well as the size of the operation being mounted to combat it.

The man accused of deliberately starting the latest fast-moving blaze faces life in prison if convicted of arson and other charges. It wasn't immediately known if he had a lawyer.

Mike Milligan, the local volunteer fire chief who owns a cabin near Clark's, told The Orange County Register that Clark had long-running feuds with neighbors in the area.

Aircraft dropped fire retardant on flames and homes as people ignoring evacuation orders used garden hoses to spray down their properties when the blaze flared Thursday evening, propelled by 20-mph (30-kph) gusts. The fire destroyed more than 100 homes and has blackened an area about the size of the city of Los Angeles.

The second biggest is the Carr Fire in Shasta County, also in Northern California. "Who would go out with low humidity and high wind and the highest heat temperatures this time of the year and intentionally set the forest on fire?"

Air quality has been an issue in Sacramento for several days, with Spare the Air warnings setting new records.

The haze stretches to the Sierra Nevada mountain range and almost every major population center in between has suffered air quality considered unsafe for children, the elderly and people with asthma. Last month, he was placed on a psychiatric hold.