Sony’s Marvel Universe Updates: Silver and Black Splitting into Two & More

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The image also gives us a good look at the white, veiny accents on Venom's body, which will serve as a stand-in of sorts for the traditional white spider symbol from the comics.

Silver & Black, previously announced not long after Venom, has finally been cancelled by the studio after numerous delays, with development now proceeding on two separate films for the characters Black Cat and Silver Sable.

How do you feel about Sony's Spider-Man Universe? In essence, they're building a Spider-Man cinematic universe without Spider-Man.

Now we're not suggesting a Marvel Comic book is feeding directly into the plans of a rival film studio (well... maybe we are a little), but the publisher couldn't have served this one up on a platter for Sony any better if they tried.

But if the anti-hero Venom finds enough compelled moviegoers, there is one Spider-Man property that seems inevitably destined for Sony to try to exploit ... and no, we're not talking about Spider-Gwen ... or Ghost Spider... or whatever Marvel is calling her these days.

But Sony appears to be open to throwing the door open even further, according to a report on the state of Sony's Marvel projects in Variety.

No other movies in Sony's development slate for its Spider-Man universe - which is internally being referred to as Sony's Universe of Marvel Characters (or SUMC) - have release dates attached yet.

The company has also set up a screenwriter for a movie based on Kraven the Hunter in The Equalizer 2's Richard Wenk, and is developing another movie based on the character of Nightwatch, for which it is now seeking a writer as well. Adding a larger Marvel Universe spin to it raises the profile of the franchise significantly - as well as the inevitable confusion amongst casual moviegoers, who won't get all the particulars of why certain characters can't crossover, etc. Instead, Sony has plans to split the pair up and give each of them their own films and that the Black Cat will most likely be the first of the two. Silver and Black was set to see Spider-Man femme fatales Silver Sable and Black Cat team up and had Gina Prince-Blythewood set to write/direct. While Panitch is the one in charge of this entire enterprise, so to speak, Sony's approach to the actual films will be more "producer-driven", so you can expect lots of variety and deviation on each individual production.