Samsung Galaxy Watch review (early verdict): the Gear S3 successor has arrived

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Samsung is offering up to $450 off the Note 9 when you trade in your old smartphone. That's a 21 percent increase over the 3,300 mAh battery, and a 500 mAh increase over this year's S9 Plus. This is a phone where you really don't have to make any sacrifices. Samsung has borrowed the unnecessary-but-nice-to-have variable aperture from the S9, and new camera software can detect problems with your photos like someone blinking or a blurry lens.

The device has 12MP + 12MP dual camera system with dual optical image stabilisation (OIS) at the rear - with 2 times more powerful optical zoom and up to 10 times powerful digital zoom - and an 8MP front shooter.

Spotify will be fully integrated with the new flagship phone, but there is more to the alliance.

The new phones will come out August 24.

Of course, not everything about Samsung phones is appealing. Additionally, this year the first thing that you see after removing the retail box's cover is the mini-box for the Note 9's guides.

And on Thursday when the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 was unveiled at an Unpacked event in Brooklyn, New York all became clear.

Thursday's announcement in NY comes about a month before Apple is expected to unveil new iPhones.

That loyalty means there's an appetite for the Note 9 even if it's got an eyebrow-raising price.

As we said, we're leaving the iPhone X out of this little roundup, and that makes the iPhone 8 Plus your best big-screen option on Apple iOS.

We are still waiting to hear whether the cellular versions will work with non Samsung phones. It's much like applying filters with an app, except that the phone will do this itself, much the way Google's Pixel phones already do.

The camera will also offer a warning if someone blinked in a shot, or if the image is blurry.

The Note's stylus will now have Bluetooth, allowing people to control phones and apps from up to 30 feet away.

"The cellular model provides a true e-SIM experience so customers can also use their Galaxy Watch when roaming overseas, which we believe sets our smartwatch apart from our competitors", he said.

Samsung has nabbed the exclusive Android release of popular survival game Fortnite as part of the launch for its Note 9 phablet, which the company is marketing as a premium phone for gamers. It promises quality sound, in a potential challenge to Apple's Siri-based HomePod speaker.

If the details are pretty thin on the ground at the moment, there's good reason why; Samsung hasn't announced the speaker yet, with more information expected at a developers' conference in early November - right in time for the festive season.