Judge halts mother-daughter deportation, threatens to hold Sessions in contempt

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In this case, eight asylum-seekers represented by the American Civil Liberties Union and Center for Gender and Refugee Studies filed a suit against Department of Justice and Department of Homeland Security officials over policies that they argued could lead to swift deportation to countries where they would face extreme persecution.

An angry federal judge ordered a plane carrying a mother and her daughter to turn around and head back to United States, hours after being whisked away by USA authorities before a court hearing on their deportation status could be finished.

The Department of Justice is not commenting on the case nor the judges' threat to hold the attorney general in contempt. Carmen and her daughter will go back to an ICE facility in Dilly, Texas.

The lawsuit says Sessions's ruling, and updated guidelines for asylum officers that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security issued a month later, subject migrants in expedited removal proceedings to an "unlawful screening standard" that deprives them of their rights under federal law.

"This is pretty outrageous", Sullivan said, according to The Washington Post.

Earlier this year, the Justice Department made it more hard for immigrants claiming to be victims of domestic or gang violence to get asylum.

He said any delay in bringing them back would be intolerable.

Sullivan also ordered the government to stop deporting plaintiffs in the case, who are seeking protection from gang and domestic violence, mostly in countries in Central America, where the mother and daughter were headed.

"I'm not happy about this at all", the judge continued. Judge Emmet Sullivan said it was "unacceptable" for the government to deport a mother and daughter during a court hearing on their request for asylum and ordered their plane to return to the USA immediately.

The two did land in El Salvador after their forced removal from the US, but per the ACLU's efforts, did not disembark from the plane and were flown back to the USA immediately.

Sullivan threatened Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the lawyers' ultimate boss, with contempt of court. Several co-workers at the factory where Carmen worked had been murdered, and her husband is also abusive, the records state.

The lawsuit Carmen is involved in included 12 migrants total, three of whom are children.

The fast-track removal system, created in 1996, has asylum-seekers interviewed to determine if they have a "credible fear" of returning to their home countries, the paper said, adding that those who pass get a full hearing in immigration court. The reforms are already working to reduce the previously skyrocketing number of illegal aliens claiming to be "asylum seekers" after being caught by Border Patrol, but they have sent the open-borders left into a rage.