Samsung launches Fortnite for Android exclusive

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Just about everything you could possibly want to know about the Galaxy Note9 has already leaked out, but there's still the official launch event to look forward to later today in NY.

The Samsung Galaxy Note will be available from 24 August in Midnight Black, Lavender Purple, Metallic Copper with matching S Pen, and Ocean Blue with a Yellow S Pen. There's likely to be a big difference between the battery life with a 472mAh cell on the larger edition and 270mAh on the smaller size. Right along from the USB-C charging port and the old school 3.5mm headphone jack.

In all honesty, I'm having a hard time really saying anything all that interesting about the Note9, even if Samsung would want me to talk up things like supercapacitors and intelligent camera. This time around, as previously rumoured, Samsung has equipped a Bluetooth capable S Pen.

In a thinly veiled stab at major competitor Apple, Samsung Electronics Australia mobile division vice-president Garry McGregor said the new feature was something rival gadgets had yet to match.

It also adds to the sleep tracking experience by monitoring all levels of sleep, including REM cycles, to help users adjust sleeping habits and get the rest they need to take on their day. You know, something like "Fortnite of Duty Clash Royale".

'It uses intelligence to identify elements of a photo, such as scene and subject, to automatically classify it into one of 20 categories and instantly optimise it based on the category, ' Samsung told us.

The second lens grafted onto the back of the phone is a Dual Aperture lens which adjusts to light the same way as the human eye.

The Galaxy Note 9 has better cameras, more powerful processor options, and more available storage than the Note 8. However, it falls just short of an instabuy, and especially so if you have the Gear S3 or Gear Sport. In fact, the Galaxy Note 9 is the first Samsung smartphone with up to 1TB of storage, since the high-end model comes with 512GB of internal storage and it also supports a 512GB microSD card.

Samsung is counting on its latest device to lead the charge during the crucial holiday season and revitalise a mobile division where profits nearly halved last quarter. The real shame of it is Samsung's "Infinity" display design is supposed to make it look like the sides of the screen curve down around the edge of the phone, like an infinity pool where all you see is water with no border.

Samsung does not break out shipments of its smartphone models, but analysts reckon it has shipped around 10 million Note 8 models so far. Oh, and it now charges wirelessly as well.

And the answer depends on what you're looking for. We're not convinced the camera can best the Huawei P20 Pro or that Samsung's version of Android is better than the stock version you'll get on a Pixel 2 XL. On top of that, the Note 9 actually sports a few compelling new features that its predecessor lacked.

The 6.4-inch screen Note 9 will start at US$999.99 and max out at US$1,249.99 - becoming, at about US$100 above the iPhone X's upper limit, one of the world's most expensive consumer phones. Samsung hasn't thrown in any wacky features just for the sake of it.