Kim Kardashian doesn't like daughter Chicago's name

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She also admitted that she is at loggerheads with Kanye over the child's middle name.

Chicago West will be getting a middle name real soon. Kanye does not. So I unofficially instagrammed Chi Noel and I was like I'm doing this because I want her middle name to be Noel.

Shepherd replies, "Can you add a name later?"

Sheperd went on to note that she "never even stopped talking" to Kardashian West. A one syllable name.

The reality star, "Chicago just looks long to me and doesn't flow, so I call her Chi".

"But like she's so girly".

"I love the name Noel", Kardashian said on her app Monday, adding of her 41-year-old husband, "Kanye does not".

"I said, 'I love you a lot, like a sister, and this conversation is really hard for me to have".

Kim Kardashian says son Saint and daughter Chicago are "inseparable".

'She's literally my twin, it's insane, ' Kim said. "I would recommend surrogacy for anybody". "I swear I was like, God is going to be like, 'Here is your twin so you feel so connected.' Yeah, it's insane how it works".

There's a new dynamic Kardashian-West duo.

During an argument over a Christmas card photoshoot on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kardashian West called her sister "the least exciting to look at" out of her and her sisters Khloe, 34, Kendall Jenner, 22, and Kylie Jenner, 20. "People just took it... just because people stop working together doesn't mean that they're feuding and stop being friends". Several people left comments saying she looks like a chalk outline of a dead body or the classic Life Alert commercial that shows an older woman saying "I've fallen and I can't get up".

"Stephanie and I have made a decision to part ways", Kardashian continues in the episode.