Kathleen Turner: I didn't feel welcomed by the Friends cast

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And that maybe they were such a tight little group that nobody outside of them really mattered.

"I understood later, from Michael Douglas, that there was a competition between him and Jack Nicholson and Warren Beatty about who would get me first", she said. He said something about not taking second place to a woman. In a piece published last year by the New York Daily News, Turner shares a bit of reverie over her 2008 memoir which contains the statement that she regrets not punching former Congressman Strom Thurmond in the face years ago and that the man atop her current hit list would absolutely be the sitting president.

It wasn't just co-stars in Turner's crosshairs, U.S. President Donald Trump also got a mention, including a unusual habit during his "gross handshake".

She also said she did not enjoy working with Nicolas Cage or Burt Reynolds.

"I'll be quite honest, which is my wont: I didn't feel very welcomed by the cast", says the 64-year-old "Romancing the Stone" star in a wide-ranging interview with Vulture.

In the interview she speaks angrily about feeling like a "sexual target" and a "trophy" after her early breakthrough roles.

When Kathleen Turner was asked to comment on how the cast was as actors and actresses, she refused. "I can help you, '" he told ABC News. "I left the room sobbing", she said.

Turner played Chandler Bing's (Matthew Perry) transgender father on the show, appearing in just three episodes of the sitcom, but it wasn't something she looked back on fondly. The actor had a few choice words for Nicholas Cage, revealing that Cage-complete with nasal accent-was hard to work with on Peggy Sue Got Married.

Turner also revealed that she got Coppola to move the camera in a shot because she dreamed of where it should be.

The 27-year-old claims when she asked the actor what he'd be willing to pay he replied: "It depends which one (type of painkiller) is available".

While discussing the pressure to repeat successful characters, Turner talked about a mystery actress who she feels has no range. But I could only judge based on the period I worked on the show, which wasn't long. "You can see camaraderie on the screen".

She then continued, "He goes to shake your hand and with his index finger kind of rubs the inside of your wrist". So people knew. It was so public what was happening to me, ' he said. "You pull your hand away and go, 'Yuck'".