Facebook is Now Going For Your Bank Information

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Facebook has refuted claims that the company approached banks to access customers' financial data to add new services to its Messenger platform.

Facebook Messenger added AR filters to its video call system past year - this allowed people to dress their faces up or alter them entirely, making for a much more humorous call with friends and family.

Facebook has already had limited success in this area too, striking a deal with PayPal in October 2017 to allow Messenger users to transfer money, track transactions and shipping updates.

Facebook has expanded its messenger games by introducing its first video chat augmented reality games so that users can play while they chat.

Games have always been a part of Facebook. The feature allows people to play AR games on one-to-one video calls or in groups.

It seems like Facebook are striving to go back to their roots as a social platform with the capacity to bring people together.

Users will need to have the latest version of Facebook Messenger to gain access to the new games.

The new feature is further evidence of how Facebook is leaning into augmented reality as a way to offer users new experiences - and make more money. In Asteroid Attack, users can steer a spaceship around with their nose, avoiding obstacles, while Don't Smile is a variation on a staring contest. The games launching today are Don't Smile and Asteroids Attack, but they're going to be launching more games including a game called "Beach Bump" which lets you pass a beach ball back and forth and "Kitten Kraze" a matching cat game in the coming weeks and months.

To play just begin a video chat and tap on the start button and select filter menu and select the desired game.

The app will then notify the person or group in the video chat that the game is starting.

Facebook, Inc. (NASDAQ:FB) is ramping up efforts on the in-house game development front.