At Least Four Killed In Canada Shooting, Say Police

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There has been a shooting in Fredericton, New Brunswick resulting in at least four deaths.

Fredericton Police said they were responding to the incident in the Brookside Drive area. LeBlanc told CBC that the 23 kids in her care were unaware of the ongoing security incident, but that she was nervous as the person in charge of their care.

At the time, the incident was one of the worst of its kind in Canada, where gun laws are stricter than they are in the United States and deadly attacks on police are rare. We will provide more details as soon as we can.

The Fredericton Firefighters Association was asking people on Facebook not to use social media to report on police locations. They confirmed in a tweet there were four fatalities.

"The public is asked to avoid the area and stay in their homes with doors locked at this time for their safety". Refresh your page to make sure you are seeing the most current information.

Fredericton police tweeted about the incident early Friday.