PUBG Introduces Website for Improving the Game

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Today BlueHole Studios opened a website titled "Fix PUBG" dedicated to a roadmap for the implementation of numerous requests made by players in order to improve the popular battle royale game PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

Launched in Early Access previous year and released fully in December after the original schedule was pushed back, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has been an impressive success - and the trigger behind the explosion of interest in the battle royale format, where numerous players compete in an ever-shrinking arena to kill each other with scavenged weapons until only one is left standing. Bugs, performance problems, and quality-of-life issues have been limiting PUBG's true potential, and you want it fixed. The initiative casts its net wide as it targets performance, matchmaking, bug fixes, quality of life improvements and more.

The push to improve PUBG is one that will be well received by anyone who has been playing the game thus far. However, we haven't always been able to meet your expectations.

The hotfix is one that players would've known is coming had they read the weekly community post from August 1 where the PUBG team acknowledged that console players were having some issues loading into the game in a timely manner or even staying in the game at all once loaded.

"Because we've repackaged the files to improve load times, the patch size will be quite large, despite this being a hotfix".

The company also included a list of changes it already plans to make based on player feedback. PUBG also focusing on making its game just a bit more presentable, from making it possible for dead teammates to place markers to the inclusion of a colorblind mode. PUBG Corp doesn't indicate how long the campaign will last, but does promise transparency for the duration.

A brief FAQ at the bottom of the roadmap says that "throughout the next three months, we're dedicating the vast majority of our resources to addressing you issues with the game and implementing your suggested improvements".