Guardian: Russian Spy Found Working at US Embassy in Moscow

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A suspected Russian spy went undetected at the American embassy in Moscow for more than a decade, new reports have revealed.

The woman got a job at the Embassy officially, and her candidacy approved by the United States Secret service.

'We knew it was happening and it was just a process of playing it out, ' they said.

The woman had access to emails, the embassy's intranet, classified information, details about ongoing Secret Service investigations, and the Secret Service's system for tracking counterfeit money.

In the published us intelligence agencies stated that every employee of a diplomatic mission could be "the goal of influence of foreign intelligence services".

The Guardian has been told the RSO sounded the alarm in January 2017, but the Secret Service did not launch a full-scale inquiry of its own.

The Secret Service asserts that the woman did not have access to national security secrets, but did not deny that she was a potential mole. Instead it made a decision to let her go quietly months later, possibly to contain the potential embarrassment it could cause.

Members of Trump's national security team said that US intelligence officials are anxious Russian Federation and perhaps other foreign powers will look to interfere in November's midterm elections.

'This is of particular emphasis in Russian Federation.

The CIA has downplayed the role of the alleged spy, claiming that Russian nationals are hired by the embassy merely for the goal of "translation, interpretation, cultural guidance, liaison and administrative support".

Later Thursday, the Secret Service released a more detailed statement rebutting claims of a security breach or any relationship between the revelation of the woman's activities and the closing of the US Secret Service Moscow Resident Office.

A Russian woman, whose identity is yet to be disclosed, was sacked by the United States embassy after finding her to be a mole.

All non-American workers are vetted and employed by the State Department before being assigned work by different agencies. "Reports the Secret Service attempted to minimize or deliberately not disclose the U.S. State Department's findings are categorically false".

"As a general matter, we are aware that USA government employees, by virtue of their employment with the USA government, may be targeted by foreign intelligence services", the department said in a statement to CNN. The name of the employee of the diplomatic mission and its post newspaper does not name. Punitive action, however, was not taken as the matter was being probed.