Ben Schwartz Set To Voice Sonic The Hedgehog In Upcoming Movie

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Sonic the Hedgehog was a giant hit after debuting on the SEGA Genesis in 1991.

Production on Sonic the Hedgehog is underway up in Vancouver, Canada with James Marsden on set as a police officer who gets caught up with Sonic in some way, and Tika Sumpter also having some kind of human role in the movie as well. That gives Ben Schwartz plenty of time to also land roles as the new voice of Beavis, Buster Bunny, Tommy Pickles, and Homer Simpson's trousers before we see him spin into theaters. However, we all know who the most ridiculous cartoon character brought to life by Schwartz is.

The November 2019 movie will be directed by Jeff Fowler, who was involved on the animation side on "Where the Wild Things Are", and 2003's "Rockfish", an award-winning short from "Deadpool" director Tim Miller.

Schwartz has some experience with voice acting, lending his distinct voice to the Ducktales reboot as Dewey Duck (the blue one) and the upcoming Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as Leonardo (the blue one).

The actor confirmed that he would play longtime Sonic nemesis Doctor Robotnik, and that he was involved in a live-action capacity, according to a recent report. It's now set to premiere on November 15, 2019.