Was Kris Jenner Responsible For The Kardashian Family Feud?

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"People take those comments so far, we're teasing each other too, they just take anything and just run with it, ' she added before revealing that she doesn't pay attention to the chatter 'because it doesn't matter in the real world".

In the first episode of the new season, eldest sister Kourtney had some pretty cut throat things to say about her family.

Kourtney retweeted, writing, "Yes". Some women get 'pregnancy lips.' I was one of them. I taught [Kim Kardashian] how to fight dirty. "This season you will see the Kourtney who has feelings".

"Everyone understands if I don't do it, then I won't be able to launch my collection", Kim explained. But Khloe didn't appreciate the insinuation, immediately responding, "What the f- does that mean?? We all have our own priorities, mine is being a mother".

"I want to start doing that now and get back to my rhythm and in between feedings I want to find time to work out because that's going to be my new normal. Mine is being a mother". The shoot was with our kids!

The tweets came as fans watched Kim and Kourtney's fight play out during the episode when Kim became frustrated by her older sister's unwillingness to coordinate schedules for the family's famous Christmas card. "My #1 priority is being a mother as well and I can work too, so can you!"

Although most of us assumed the sister's had put their differences aside, an enormous Twitter row kicked off by Kourtney last night as the show premiered has shocked many into realising the extent of their differences.

I'm gonna stop you there hun - do you honestly not have enough money to raise your kids?

"I'm not here to be mistreated by my f*king b*tch family". She is the least exciting to look at, so she can be out.

The back and forth went on for quite a bit, but at the end of the day, the sisters all agreed on one thing: They'll always have each other's backs in the end, even if they're not getting along.