Samsung's Galaxy Note 9: up to 1TB storage, all-day battery

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I'm more than sure that a few hours after the launch of the new Galaxy someone will upload online the installation file of Fortnite making it available for virtually every smartphone that can withstand the performance level. This is either an extra check to make it harder for people to trick Fortnite into running on their device, or it's a way for Epic Games to confirm the presence of the S Pen and activate more features. The invite shows a broad array of Samsung's product line-up, including a TV, Fridge, Washer and of course the soon to be announced Galaxy Note 9.

It turns out that rumor didn't quite get everything right - but it was very close.

And while Fortnite Mobile for Android is skipping Google Play, XDA have unearthed evidence that it might be coming to Samsung's app store known as Samsung Galaxy Apps.

The S Pen which will see a redesign will have a remote control feature as highlighted on the box. We're expecting a 4000mAh battery inside of the Galaxy Note 9, up from the smaller 3300mAh battery which should provide the "powerful all-day battery" that Samsung is teasing. Some of the checks include ones for the mobile GPU, device manufacturer, device model, and so forth.

There have even been rumours to suggest the new S Pen may have motion sensors allowing it to double as a gaming controller while the Note 9 sits locked into a VR headset.

Fortnite for Android could possibly be launching this week exclusively on the Galaxy Note 9, according to Dataminers. You simply won't be able to log in unless you have a supported device.

The official launch date of the device is only 3 days away, so it won't be long until everything is revealed.