Uber rolls out new colour-coded windshield pickup signal

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The feature works by turning the display on your phone a certain color when your driver is nearby. All one has to do is hold their phone up in the air for the driver to see.

In addition, Uber has added an on-time guarantee to its scheduled rides, promising that pre-arranged vehicles will show up when they're supposed to for important meetings, trips to the airport, and more.

Uber rolling out two new(ish) ways to make it easier for your driver to find you
Uber's new tools will make it easier for riders to connect with drivers

Another new update is Pickup Messages, which makes it easy for riders to let their driver know how to spot them or give a quick update on their status.

It should also help reduce stress when a rider orders an Uber outside a crowded event, such as a concert or sports game, where many other people may be ordering a auto at the same time.

Ridesharing services like Uber have undeniably made getting around town easier, but there are unique circumstances when hailing a cab is decidedly more convenient. It isn't much, considering that you may miss your flight as a result, but we'll take what we can get.

Building on Uber's beacon feature is Spotlight, a simple solution that helps riders stand out in a crowd or at night. You could tell them what you're wearing or where exactly you're standing.

According to Uber, the beacon has a powerful battery and Bluetooth connection to the Uber driver app, and can last several evenings without charge, while keeping the dashboard area free of cables. You can now send messages to your driver to provide an extra detail or two.

Uber is looking at adding automatic translation to the feature so that worldwide drivers can easily communicate with their riders, no matter what language they speak. All the messages sent by the rider will be read aloud by the Uber app to the driver.