Ryanair flight diverted due to 'inflight depressurisation'

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Thirty-three people were injured after the cabin of a Ryanair flight depressurised, leading the plane to plunge 9,000 metres and forcing an emergency landing at Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, Germany's Federal Police said on Saturday.

According to AFP, the passengers were due to continue their journey to Croatia aboard a second Ryanair plane, they said. There's no reassurance, just people shouting, 'emergency, emergency, '" passenger Sarah McGarry told the Irish Times "There was a newborn baby and children on the flight.

Passengers are documenting their situation since the landing on Twitter, with many saying they were left overnight with nothing other than food vouchers.

In its statement, Ryanair said it would pay for hotels for the affected passengers but added that there was a "shortage of available accommodation".

Passengers were able to board a different flight to Zadar the yesterday morning.

"It was that moment we were plummeting that we were thinking, 'This is it, we're going to die, '" said Brownlee.

He said that the airline bordered on "inhumane" in how little empathy they had during the chaotic mid-air incident.

Ryanair, which flies in 37 countries and carried 130 million passengers previous year, is Europe's largest airline by passenger numbers, according to the International Air Transport Association.

Passenger Minerva Galvan, a Spanish journalist based in Cork, tweeted throughout the ordeal, claiming they had been "abandoned at the airport" by Ryanair. Forcible landing at Frankfurt Hahn.

The airline said the diversion was due to an in-flight depressurisation.

Some passengers received medical attention when the flight landed in Frankfurt.

"Customers will board a replacement aircraft which will depart to Zadar this morning and Ryanair sincerely apologises for any inconvenience".

Last week, Ryanair pilots in Ireland staged their first strike and two more walkouts are planned July 20 and July 24.