Facebook Enlists a Renowned Chip Developer from Google

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Facebook has announced to the world that it is serious about building its own hardware by poaching one of Google's top microchip designers, according to a Bloomberg report. Google already creates its own Visual Core chips for its Pixel devices, and Rabii was part of the team that built those. He'll work under Andrew Bosworth, the company's head of virtual reality and augmented reality, according to people familiar with the matter.

Over the past year, Google has hired several former Apple employees to create their own innovative processors, however, the opponents of the company also chose to work on this scheme. Rabii's updated LinkedIn bio reveals that he's going to be serving at Facebook as a vice president and head of silicon.

Rabii was previously working as Senior Director of Engineering at Google.

Facebook through Oculus virtual reality division is working on several future devices.

Facebook Inc. has joined other leading tech firms such as Apple, Alphabet, Google and Amazon by custom making their chips. The semiconductors will help in the processing of information for the numerous data centers belonging to the Tech-giant. This was Google's own first in-house processor for a consumer device, and it resulted in some impressive cameras for the Pixel phones. Apple has been shipping its own custom main processors in iPads and iPhones since 2010, and has created an array of custom chips for controlling Bluetooth, taking pictures, and conducing machine learning tasks.

Though it is making continuous efforts to improve in this direction by employing skilled human moderators and using GPU's from companies like NVIDIA, the anti-social activities on online platforms are extremely widespread. Oculus VR used a Qualcomm chip in its standalone Oculus Go headset, so it may want to make itself independent of the chip-maker in later versions.