At Cape Canaveral dismantled historic launch tower pad LC-17

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Gen. Wayne Monteith, commander of the 45th Space Wing, before pushing a button to initiate a series of detonations.

Launch Complex 17 has been a part of the United States space program for more than 50 years and last hosted a launch seven years ago. "We are getting ready to leap into the future".

The almost 60-metre-tall towers came tumbling down after explosives were activated, sending them falling in opposite directions at the US Air Force base in Florida. The historic launch towers dismantled for the creation of a new complex to launch lunar missions.

For more than 60 years of operation of these facilities, they had been launched about 100 rockets.

"With 61 years of history and 325 launches, it's been a pretty incredible piece of the space community for many years", he explains.

Launch Complex 17 had been Cape Canaveral's southernmost launch site, offering spectators close-up views from Port Canaveral and Jetty Park just a few miles to the south.

The Air Force is making way for the complex's new tenant, private company Moon Express. While the XPrize itself ended without a victor, Moon Express and some other contestants aren't giving up on their goal of landing a spacecraft on the Moon.