Trump Awkwardly Blocks Queen Elizabeth At British Military Inspection

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Queen Elizabeth II invited President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump to Windsor Castle in Windsor, England, for a meeting and tea.

The president and first lady Melania Trump were delivered by chauffeured Range Rover this morning to the courtyard of Windsor Castle, where Queen Elizabeth II was awaiting them under a canopy on a dais - far from the anti-Trump protesters demonstrating across London.

Britain´s Queen Elizabeth II (C) stands with US President Donald Trump (R) and US First Lady Melania Trump (L) in the Grand Corridor at Windsor Castle in Windsor, west of London, on July 13, 2018 during an engagement on the second day of Trump´s United Kingdom visit.

Afterwards, Mr Trump and the First Lady will make their way to Stansted Airport, where they will take Air Force One to Glasgow for the next part of their tour.

Best of all from the president's point of view - if not necessarily the Queen's - Mr Trump got more time with her than he expected.

Trump met with Prime Minister Theresa May earlier during his trip for talks on trade, Brexit and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, according to local news reports.

Trump has previously spoken about Prince William's wife Kate and his late mother Diana. "He would be wise not to attempt to kiss her, and I don't expect for a moment that he will".

"You could see that suppressed dominance where he felt that he had to still motion to her. She felt Trump was true to poor form as he stumbled impolitely through their meeting", our source added.

"If you're a guest of hers, she will put you at her ease", Alastair Bruce, a royal expert and ABC News consultant said. Mary Anne MacLeod Trump, who emigrated to the 1930, died in 2000. Trump wrote. "I couldn't help but notice how she moved people".

The Queen, who is used to inspecting her guards, appeared to leave him behind before she spurred him into movement again with a swift hand gesture.

The Trumps then went for tea with Queen Elizabeth.

After Trump blocked Chrissy Teigen on Twitter, see her most scathing Trump tweets to date. "Frankly, they should think twice about putting him and Prince Charles in the same room".

The Queen has received three other US Presidents at Windsor Castle since the 1980s - Barack Obama in 2016, Mr Bush in 2008 and Ronald Reagan in 1982.