Sprint follows AT&T, Verizon unlimited strategy by raising prices

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Unlimited Plus gives customers unlimited data, talk and text along with 15GB of LTE hotspot.

If you're not a fan of those restrictions, Sprint's more than happy to sell Unlimited Plus to you for $70/month. While roaming in Canada or Mexico, subscribers will get unlimited talk and text, and up to 10GB of 4G LTE data connectivity.

The nation's fourth-largest wireless carrier, awaiting a merger with No. 3 T-Mobile, on Thursday unveiled two unlimited data tiers to replace its single Sprint Unlimited Freedom plan. The second line costs $40 and the subsequent lines costs $20 a piece per month. You get subscriptions to Hulu and Tidal for your troubles as well, which helps sweeten the pot a little.

These two new plans will become your only options for unlimited data starting this Friday, July 13th. Interestingly, the carrier said that music streams are throttled to 1.5 Mbps and gaming streams are throttled to 8 Mbps, and that users who consume more than 50 GB in a month can have their speeds reduced. In an email to The Verge, a Sprint spokesperson claimed that if a customer brings in their own device or buys a new one, Sprint will reduce the Plus plan's monthly single-line price to $50. If you get five lines, it's $42 per month, per line. If you want to add additional lines to it, the second line is $40/month, while all further line additions costs $20/month.

Sprint says families will be able to mix and match its new unlimited plans, opting for either Basic or Plus on different lines.

Sprint now joins the other three major American mobile carriers in offering multiple "unlimited" plans, that actually have definable limits.

Rather than simply raising the prices of their plans, though (as AT&T did in June), Sprint's approach is a bit more nuanced. If you travel overseas to Canada or Mexico, you'll get unlimited talk and text, and 5GB of high-speed data. Besides unlimited talk, text and data, Unlimited Basic bundles in the Hulu streaming service and lets you use 5GB of LTE data when you're roaming in Canada and Mexico. Here are the details about our great deals: Get a new iPad on us when you activate a new phone line on an Unlimited Plus or Basic plan.11 The first 10 people through the door who activate a new line (new or existing accounts) with Sprint on Basic or Plus will receive a $50 MasterCard®Prepaid card. "Add all of this up and there's literally never been a better time to switch to Sprint", said Draper.