HTC's blockchain-powered Exodus phone to launch in Q3 for around $1000

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(Credit: HTC) The struggling Taiwanese phone maker expects to launch its blockchain-powered Exodus handset before the end of the year, with a formal price announcement in the third quarter, according to The Verge. In fact, the company is now working on a new smartphone with the code name "Exodus" which will be the first blockchain smartphone in the world.

The upcoming device bears the HTC "Exodus" codename, but details about it are covered in mystery and the only thing that we have about this phone is a blueprint drawing. "The partnership with CryptoKitties is the beginning of a non-fungible, collectible marketplace and crypto gaming app store". Its HTC phone will launch its blockchain smartphone later in 2018. No one really knows what this means in the context of a phone, with experts speculating that "cold storage" means that the device's wallet could work offline.

The HTC Exodus will include support for decentralised applications and will be able to run nodes on the Ethereum and Bitcoin blockchains, too. "It is exciting to be the first to offer the opportunity to decentralize the Internet and reshape it in favor of the contemporary user ". The development process responsible for "the chief officer of decentralization" Phil Chen, who is known for his participation in the development of a virtual reality helmet HTC Vive.

When it was initially announced back in May, Chen had commented that "we envision a phone where you hold your own keys, you own your own identity and data, and your phone is the hub".

There's still not much information available, but there's a website up and you can sign up to receive the latest updates around the project.

In the statement, the company indicated that CryptoKitties will first be available on the U12+, which is an HTC flagship phone launched on the market in June.

The main advantage of a blockchain smartphone would be its security. This is the company's blockchain-focused device, making HTC the first major brand to roll out a phone based around blockchain.