There Will Only Be 1 Blockbuster in America Soon

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The outlets will close for rentals after Sunday night and will reopen on Tuesday through to August as they look to sell off their remaining inventory. The one in Texas closed shop previous year. "Last two Blockbusters in Alaska are closing".

The Anchorage Daily News reports the final two Blockbuster stores in the state announced Thursday they're calling it quits. The movie and video game rental service was one of the most popular stores in the 90's and early 00's.

The two remaining stores are located in Fairbanks on College Road and Anchorage on Debarr Road.

The Anchorage store has been open since 1990 and the Fairbanks store since 1991.

Back in April, Oliver bought a number of items from Russell Crowe's divorce auction, including a leather jockstrap from the film Cinderella Man. The sole remaining store will be in Bend, Oregon. Maybe, Blockbuster should have hopped on the streaming train along with Amazon, Apple, and other companies that chose to step into the new age. In September 2010 it filed for bankruptcy and has spent the past eight years closing down stores across the world. The stunt brought plenty of attention to the location, but the video store just didn't get the influx of business it was expecting.

Blockbuster has managed to keep locations open in Alaska longer than the rest of the country, thanks to the state's long winters and generally slow WiFi. But it wasn't enough to counter a planned lease increase. Much of Alaska has unreliable internet, with ranking it third-to-last in terms of internet connectivity in the U.S. The streaming video market has therefore been less successful, allowing stores like Blockbuster to continue to thrive. The owners told Deadline that while the stores are still profitable, the money they're making is rapidly declining, and it wouldn't make financial sense to renew the leases. Not that its legacy was purely benevolent; when Blockbuster came to my town in New Jersey, it systematically put most of the local video stores out of business, and some of them were bigger and had better selections.