Brexit White Paper 'falls far short of what Scotland needs'

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The policy paper, which sets out plans for close economic ties with the bloc after Britain leaves the European Union in March, had already sparked two ministerial resignations and revived talk of a revolt against Ms. May.

The EU has consistently made it clear there can be no "cherry picking" of the single market - and that's precisely what this document does.

May's government is trying to satisfy Britons who voted for their country to leave the bloc, but to set an independent course without hobbling businesses, security agencies and other sectors that are closely entwined with the EU.

A banged up vehicle decorated with a banner saying "For sale - but no one's buying May's Brexit banger" is driven around Parliament Square in London.

The interview is a break with diplomatic protocol - it generally being seen as bad taste to criticise one's host - and is both humiliating and politically problematic for May who only received support for her "soft" Brexit plans last week after painful negotiations with her Cabinet, which resulted in the resignations of Boris Johnson and David Davis.

Khan gave protesters permission to fly the 20-foot-tall balloon depicting Trump as an angry baby in a diaper.

"It's an opportunity to reach a free trade agreement that creates jobs and growth here in the UK and right across the United States", May told the guests at Blenheim Palace.

'I would say Brexit is Brexit, ' he said.

British ministers have warned a failure to engage with today's plan will dramatically raise the risks of a catastrophic no deal Brexit.

Mr Trump said he had told Ms May how to do a Brexit deal, but the Prime Minister did not heed his advice. "That is exactly what we will do".

Newly appointed Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab said the plans called for an "innovative and unprecedented economic partnership" between Britain and the EU.

A trade deal with the United States is one of the main aims of Brexit supporters within Ms May's Conservative Party, who are concerned that she is making too many concessions to the EU.

This includes that the United Kingdom should be allowed to leave the EU while effectively staying in its members' clubs - a common theme throughout the document, which refers to the European Data Protection Board in the context of data flows.

Former Conservative party leader Iain Duncan Smith said he had "deep misgivings" about the white paper; veteran Brexit hardliner Bill Cash declared himself "deeply anxious;" and Andrew Bridgen, who has already sent a letter expressing no confidence in May to party authorities, said he "and many colleagues" had "grave concerns" about the path the government is now on, Politico reported.

"Britain should seize its right to trade as a sovereign nation, outside of the customs union, with plans to revert to WTO rules if the EU can't agree on trading terms". Such a resolution would avoid disruption to automakers and other manufacturers that source parts from multiple countries.

The European parliament's Brexit Steering Group essentially suggested that May's proposals to prevent a hard border between the north and south of Ireland were not "credible".

"I think allowing millions and millions of people to come into Europe is very, very sad", he said.

Reuters reported last month that the bloc was opposed to changing equivalence exclusively for Britain, and that any improvements to its so-called equivalence regime would apply to other countries too.

Pro-EU lawmakers, in contrast, think the proposed post-Brexit ties with the bloc are not close enough.

While accepting that financial services will take a hit after Brexit and not enjoy the same levels of market access as now, the White Paper points out that Britain will reserve the right to diverge from European Union financial regulation after Brexit while still observing global worldwide standards.

The EU's chief Brexit negotiatior, Michel Barnier, said he would analyse the white paper.