Artist paints over LeBron James mural after vandalized

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The mural saga illustrates just how weird the situation could get for James in Los Angeles, where Bryant retains enormous popularity two years after his retirement. The Los Angeles Times praised James for his "impressive off-court timing and a sense of humor about his own image" while Schumer admitted "with full confidence.I believe he could have another career in acting if he wanted".

LeBron James was likely expecting a hero's welcome when he made a decision to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers to join the Los Angeles Lakers earlier this month.

Additionally, while the Cavs talk about winning, a couple players on this list may imporve their trade value by virtue of getting more opportunities with James gone.

Undeterred, Never painted over the vandalism and tried to modify his message by removing the "of" from "the King of LA", making it less a declaration of James's status in his new digs and more a nod to his nickname.

Those shouldn't be surprising pickups if you take James' comments during the playoffs into account, though. Deciding enough was enough, Never painted over the mural on Wednesday, explaining its erasure on Instagram.

'I thought I had learned a long time ago to never touch religion or politics, ' said Never.

"I got a ton of support", Never said, according to ESPN. After a disgruntled fan scribbled phrases such as "LeFraud", "We don't want you", "No King" and "3-6", in reference to LeBron's record in the NBA Finals, over the mural, Never returned to touch things up and omitted the word "of" in hopes that fans would leave the piece alone. '[Kyle] Kuzma, LeBron, Lance Stephenson blowing on LeBron'.