After tornado, helping hands reach out fast in Watford City

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About 20 of the reported 28 injured were staying at the Prairie View RV Park where high winds overturned some campers and damaged mobile homes.

The tornado was embedded in thunderstorms which were packing winds of around 75 miles per hour.

Dozens of people are injured after severe weather hit Watford City, North Dakota early Tuesday morning.

A tornado killed a seven-day-old baby and injured more than two dozen people when it ripped through a trailer park in North Dakota and forecasters warned that parts of the Midwestern United States could face more twisters on Wednesday.

About 150 people went to the Watford City Civic Center where the Red Cross set up a shelter after the storm.

A shelter was set up at the Civic Center - and many people showed up with tales of a brush with a very risky storm.

"I have never lived in a place that is so loving and caring and kind", Jappe said. He met with local officials and people who were displaced by the storm and were staying in local shelters, the governor's office said in a statement. "We're going to die", Lapp said.

The tornado destroyed 122 structures and damaged about 200 more, though about 120 are still habitable, Mike Nowatzki, spokesman for Gov. Doug Burgum, said Wednesday.

Prairie View RV park resident Clifford Bowden said he and his neighbors didn't hear sirens but someone he knows who lives across town heard them.

Schwartzenberger said the city of 6,500 people is "devastated".

Karolin Jappe, the McKenzie County emergency manager, said the RV park is one of the largest such facilities to spring up during the oil boom and there were some mobile homes on the property.

"There's more devastation than a tornado four years ago".

Schwartzenberger describes the setting as a "tornado scene" and says it "devastated an entire community".

Schwartzenberger said cleanup efforts "with equipment and manpower" were in full swing Wednesday.

Schwartzenberger says his house half a mile from the RV park suffered siding, shingle and hail damage. "[We felt the] house rock and shake, and felt the house go up and felt it slam and then we rolled about three times". Nine of those are in critical condition, he said.