Senator Grassley backs President’s Supreme Court nominee

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Similarly, in 2006, Kennedy - who routinely looked to global law in interpreting, among other texts, the Eighth Amendment - provided the pivotal fifth vote in Hamdan v. Rumsfeld, in which the court struck down the first round of military commissions created by President George W. Bush for several reasons, including because they did not comply with the Geneva Conventions.

But nothing's a given in Washington, especially in a Senate where Republicans have just a two-vote majority - or one vote with Sen. "You can challenge Judge Kavanaugh on his legal reasoning".

Jones said Sunday, before the nominee was revealed as Brett Kavanaugh, that he could vote either way. He came out in the hours before Trump even made the selection and said you know what?

In 2001, when Judge Brett Kavanaugh's colleagues on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals voted to uphold Washington, D.C.'s assault weapons ban, he dissented.

Judge Kavanaugh, gun rights advocates say, can be counted on. "I will be diligent in measuring the record and in undertaking an independent review".

Republicans, meanwhile, hope centrist Democrats running for re-election in conservative-leaning states will back Kavanaugh.

"Now, more than ever, Democrats must recognize that although we are in an age of political polarization, voting across party lines might actually benefit the party itself".

Kavanaugh has not openly expressed a position on abortion, and tradition suggests he will not during his upcoming confirmation hearing or in meetings with lawmakers. Kavanaugh sided with a religious group that objected to having to notify their insurer or the federal government if they wanted an exemption.

He said if he's chair of the judiciary committee before the 2020 election, he would not move forward with any Supreme Court nominees, following the tradition set. I suspect the answer depends on how many Republican Senators will.

Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer on Tuesday rattled off topics Kavanaugh might have to rule on as a Supreme Court justice. Trump ended up picking a former clerk of Kennedy's.

A graduate of a Jesuit high school and an active member of a local Catholic church, Kavanaugh stressed his faith in his remarks at the White House on Monday and acknowledged Enzler and Catholic Charities.

"They would have opposed for partisan reasons anyone that President Trump nominated", Cotton said. Even as the Late Show host bemoaned the announcement of Republican judge Brett Kavanaugh, Colbert is still a victor. He's also sided with abortion opponents. Senators quickly confirmed his nominee, Neil Gorsuch.

Reyes predicted close scrutiny of Kavanaugh's decisions.

For Democrats facing an uphill struggle to block Kavanaugh's confirmation, his protective views of the presidency could prove to be a bright red ribbon. That may make Trump supporters uneasy.

The rest of the law would nearly certainly remain intact even if the mandate were struck down, experts say, since Congress repealed the penalty for violating the mandate previous year while leaving the rest of the law in place.

Unlike some of the other justices, Kavanaugh has worked more than two decades in the public sector and has not built wealth as a private lawyer. Kavanaugh takes a high-altitude approach, espousing broad constitutional principles. That's something that Paul, who has a strong libertarian streak, has been vocal about opposing.

Still, Paul is No. 2 on the list because he hasn't issued his support yet. If I would be confirmed to the DC Circuit, senator, I would follow it.

"We've got a few Democrats on Justice Gorsuch and we're hopeful that we'll have a few of them on this nomination as well", McConnell said during his weekly press availability.

"We won the 'Brett Kavanaugh Derby, ' as we called it, because he was very heavily recruited", said Starr.