Man Continues Live TV Interview With Interloping Cat Perched On Head

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Over the weekend, Polish professor Jerzy Targalski chose to participate in an interview with Dutch news program Nieuwsuur.

The historian and political scientist was discussing the Polish Supreme Court on the news program "Nieuwsuur", when his cat, without warning, climbed up on Targalski's shoulders, curled himself around the academic's head and remained there.

Footage published on Twitter, the Dutch journalist Rudy Bouma. The orange tabby climbed up Targlaski's arm, took residence on his shoulders, waived its tail right in front of the professor's eyes, and just continued to hang around.

Targalski deserves some sort of award for continuing as smoothly as he did even with a cat tail in his face.

The clip was viewed 483,000 times as of Monday afternoon. And honestly, Lisio also deserves a treat for being a very good boy.

Completely unfazed, Targalski calmy continued the interview and only acknowledged the feline's weird presence to pull its tail away from his face.

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