Love Island SPOILER: Alexandra given the power in double dumping bombshell

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Samira Mighty has had enough and packed her bags, leaving the 'Love Island' villa behind her to reunite with her partner Frankie Foster, who was voted off the show earlier this week.

But while Samira remained on the show, it seems she made a decision to pack Frankie a little something as a treat to keep him wanting more while she's away.

Fans of the show had commented that she should simply leave to be with Frankie, and she has finally walked.

22-year-old Samira has chose to follow her heart, telling Dani: "We've been here from the start and I finally got what I wanted and now I feel like I'm back at square one but worst".

Revealing why she picked Alex for the date, Alexandra says: "I feel like people haven't really given you a chance and I wanted to give myself the opportunity to get to know you".

'I do feel like I've got to know her well in the short space of time she's been here and I want to get to know her a bit more'. She tells Ellie, Dani and Megan, "So my lovely attractive girls, you guys know that I've had a really tough couple of days here recently and I've been umming and ahhing about leaving".

Megan says: "You seem happier already having made your mind up".

"10,000 RTs and I send the clip into the villa right now", he wrote on Twitter", #loveisland *this a shameless attempt at Twitter popularity and by no means legally binding".

"I might go on Love Island this year to get that DNA of Idris for my daughter".

Later on, after she arrives at the villa, Alexandra says in Beach Hut: "Alex is such a gentleman, he is so respectful, he is somebody that I can talk to, he is supportive and understanding and that's what I'm looking for". "This opportunity was fantastic and I take it with a full heart and full love". There is a new girl here and I am going to have brunch with her. "She will pick me".

It comes after Samira has been advised to leave the Love Island villa after she dismissed new islander Idris Virgo's efforts to get to know her better.

"I am very sad today", the West End performer explained which led to Idris asking what would put her in a good mood.

You can see Samira's exit on tonight's "Love Island" on 3e at 9pm.