Is Brett Kavanaugh Catholic?

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The court's liberal justices wouldn't seem to be going anywhere during a Trump presidency if they can help it. Ginsburg, who at 85 is the court's oldest member, has already hired law clerks through June 2020, just four months before the next presidential election.

"With that in mind, it would be appropriate for Congress to enact a statute providing that any personal civil suits against presidents, like certain members of the military, be deferred while the President is in office", Kavanaugh wrote.

"Kavanaugh has said that a sitting president should not be criminally indicted, no matter what evidence of wrongdoing is uncovered", Gupta said in a statement. He proposed that Congress adopt legislation specifying that the president "is not subject to indictment or information under the laws of the United States while he serves as president".

While President Trump stands staunchly against the Clean Power Plan, a Supreme Court decision narrowing the authority of the EPA to regulate greenhouse gasses could limit the ability of future administration's to change course.

The students, alumni and staff called on Yale Law School's leadership to rescind its implied support for Kavanaugh, urging them to find the "moral courage" when there is "so little cost".

"Red-state Democrats should vote to confirm Kavanaugh if they hope to stay in office", Schoen said.

The system assigns a score to Supreme Court justices based on their voting patterns; for federal appeals court judges, like Kavanaugh, scores are based on the ideologies of the presidents and senators who nominated them. "The article by the judge says the exact opposite of what Schumer and Booker falsely claim it says". Elizabeth Warren tweeted yesterday, following up on her initial Monday night tweet: "Trump wants to put Brett Kavanaugh on the SCOTUS -but he can't do it without a Senate majority".

Remember: This is precisely what McConnell flagged for Trump as a potential problem with Kavanaugh's nomination: Never that he wasn't qualified, but that his extensive time in government service, and the documents that come with it, cannot only lead to possible surprises and also give Democrats grounds - legitimate or not - to delay consideration of the nomination.

One key swing vote, Sen.

Five would still be a far cry from George Washington, who named the entire first Supreme Court and ultimately made 11 appointments. It's theoretically possible that Trump appointee Neil Gorsuch is in on the scheme, but Roberts?

Thomas has been on the court so long, the Mrs. Trump who watched his confirmation hearings on TV was named "Ivana". That's praise in Trump Country. Kavanaugh's jurisprudence will be a corrective to this trend.

Republicans are pushing for a bipartisan showing of support for Kavanaugh by trying to peel off Democrats who are up for re-election from Trump-won states. And since the president of the moment is Donald Trump, the ideology is converted into corruption. The rights of consumers: "that's #WhatsAtStake", U.S. Sen. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (N.Y.) promised to oppose Kavanaugh with "everything I've got." Sen. In one especially revealing and controversial 2010 case, he and Judge Janice Rogers Brown concluded that, notwithstanding the Hamdi decision, the courts should ignore global law - even the possibility that a detention might violate such law - in construing Congress's authorization of the executive to hold the Guantanamo detainees. Different considerations go into academic writing than go into judicial opinions and we often see legal academics take positions that they may never think reasonable under the constraints of deciding a case.