Margot Robbie responds to claims that she looks like Love Island's Megan

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While Wes chose Darylle and Megan, his single counterpart opted to take Sam and Jack on dates - much to the chagrin of her "friend" Laura, who is paired with the hunk. There's something going on and I need to find out what it is.

"Wes Megan is trouble can't you see that????" asked one.

'It's a girl I've connected with, I can't ignore the signs, I can't ignore my gut. "I could have dealt with that better".

And on Friday's instalment of the racy reality show, a "fuming" Laura will be seen angrily confronting Georgia Steel after learning that her purportedly "loyal" friend grabbed and kissed her partner for a second kiss on the lips.

She said: "Anything I do have, it's only on my own page and I just delete it straight away and I just think you don't actually deserve any time on my page".

Laura, however, isn't convinced and rages at Georgia: "All you say is you've got loyalties".

"Now you're denying trying to kiss him calling him a liar?"

She said of Megan, she's a "great game player but her lack of loyalty isn't helping her public image in the slightest". Taking out your best mate's guy, telling me that it was purely because he made you laugh, then all of a sudden you fancy him, you've got a connection and you're trying to kiss him. Shouldn't of kissed him.

It comes after Wes and Georgia were sent dating with two people of their choice and on Georgia's date with Jack Fowler, the pair ended their intimate drinks with a light kiss. "I'm not going to sit back and take it".

But all is not lost for Samira as the star seemed to have FINALLY found love after four weeks of putting her heart on the line.

A third guessed: "I reckon Ellie and Georgia's fall out tonight has to do with Georgia not saving Adam as Ellie was bezzies with him".

"You get to see a psychologist whilst you're on the show and when you come out you can see someone to make sure you're ok".