Houston model bitten by shark while swimming in the Bahamas

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"I've been on so many different medications", she told WSVN-Ch.

Seconds later, Zarutskie discovered why swimming with sharks on objective can be a risky idea.

According to David Hocher, who owns Staniel Cay marina, people do get bitten from time to time while around the sharks.

She says that after a few minutes posing, a local resident on the pier encouraged her to lie back and float in the water.

"Against my boyfriend's wishes and his parents wishes". "I just felt this huge - it nearly felt like 15 different people were holding onto my arm, really, really hard", Zarutske said.

When asked why she went ahead anyway, she replied, "It's just a once-in-a-lifetime experience". Luckily, she's okay...but the photo of her bite is quite brutal.

Zarutskie said she immediately headed for the stairs to get out of the water, holding her bloody arm above her head to keep it out of the water.

Melissa Brunning was hand-feeding a group of tawny nurse sharks on the back of a boat in Dugong Bay, in WA's far north, when one latched on and nearly took off her finger.

The photographs show her instinctively covering the wound and raising her arm up in an effort to stop the blood spreading through the water.

She said she felt the shark's teeth sink into her wrist, but managed to rip her arm free of the mouth quickly.

She does not want the experience or photographs to put off others from visiting the area or interacting with local wildlife when overseas, and describes the Exumas as the "most attractive place" she has ever visited.

Looking back on the day's events, Zarutskie is grateful her injury was not more severe.

She added: "We will never know".

Zarutskie got several stitches and was put on antibiotics, but she is recovering well after the random attack.