Trump says he's confident Kim will denuclearize

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Pompeo defended his position during the talks with North Korea, saying if his demands were "gangster-like" then the whole world is a gangster.

Suspending the drills cannot be compared, the statement said, with North Korea's irreversible destruction of an underground nuclear testing site - though some United States analysts have questioned the importance of that move, which was more symbolic than anything else given the relative ease with which new tunnels could be dug and the progress North Korea has already made in developing explosive nuclear devices.

"People are going to make stray comments after meetings". If I paid attention to what the press said, I'd go nuts, and I refuse to do that.

The North Korean talks process with the United States and South Korea is sidelining the human rights of Pyongyang's oppressed citizens, the United Nations's top official on the issue said Monday (Jul 9).

He admitted "there's still more work to be done" in other areas.

'The road ahead will be hard and challenging and we know critics will try to minimize what we have achieved, ' he said.

Pompeo said he had pushed North Korea on a promise to destroy a missile engine test site.

Speaking in Tokyo after meeting with his Japanese and South Korean counterparts, Pompeo said Sunday that denuclearization will be hard and that much work remains.

Trump suggested that China, North Korea's chief ally, might be interfering in reaction to the Trump administration's stance on US-China trade. "We agreed to the denuclearization of North Korea".

However, Pompeo said the progress achieved thus far did not warrant any concessions.

"There will be a verification connected to the complete denuclearisation, it's what President Trump and Chairman Kim both agreed to", he added.

After the historic U.S. They cheat and President Trump wants to change the economic relationship with China.

There was no immediate explanation of what needed to be clarified, but the two sides have been struggling to specify what exactly "denuclearisation" would entail and how it could be verified to the satisfaction of the United States. And, the promised remains have yet to be delivered.

The North statement contradicted the version of events given by Pompeo just hours before.

"We had expected that the USA side would offer constructive measures that would help build trust based on the spirit of the leaders' summit. we were also thinking about providing reciprocal measures", said the statement, released by an unnamed spokesman and carried by the North's official Korean Central News Agency.

"We had expected that the USA side would offer constructive measures that would help build trust based on the spirit of the leaders' summit ..."

"The US attitude and positions at the high-level talks on Friday and Saturday were extremely regrettable", the North's Foreign Ministry said in a statement, the South's Yonhap reported. Our expectations and hopes were so naive it could be called foolish'. In that joint statement, North Korea committed "to work toward complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula". The ministry said Mr. Kim had written a personal letter to Mr. Trump, reiterating that trust.

In a speech on Sunday in Vietnam, Pompeo urged North Korea to follow the example of Vietnam, saying he believed Pyongyang could replicate Hanoi's path to normal relations with Washington and to prosperity. Pompeo came to Tokyo on Saturday night after finishing his two-day tour to Pyongyang earlier in the day.

Analysts have cautioned of a hard road ahead given decades of hostility, unkept promises, and the widespread belief, shared by US intelligence agencies, that North Korea would never give up the nuclear weapons it sought for so long. But he maintained that progress is being made.

During the news conference in Tokyo, Pompeo emphasized that his conversations with North Korean leaders were "productive" and "progress" has been made during his talks with North Korean officials. -South Korean military exercises.